Ten (Biased) Fun Facts About East Texas from a Teenage Texan

1. Flirty but ditzy ladies, ranging from 12 to 35, will often wear Nike shorts. Also, depending on their mood, the Nike shorts will be accompanied by Ugg boots, regardless of the weather. How this makes sense is beyond me.

2. Aloof, so-called “popular” boys will wear sporty shorts, perhaps of the Adidas variety, regardless of the weather.

3. A lot of teenagers seem to dislike being in this part of Texas. (I somewhat concur.)

4. Despite all of the attention whores, the posers, and the boring people, you are bound to find at least one gem of a person. ;D

5. While we do indeed have very hot weather, the area where I live has bipolar weather. Many others will agree with me. No joke.

6. No. No one rides horses to school, to my common knowledge. gtfo, floridians and californian bimbos.

7. The hipster population seems to be growing here. Oh my.

8. Believe it or not, there’s a major city out here in these parts. See? We’re not all about lassos and cattle and ten-gallon hats. At least, not on the whole. :)

9. The boys can be douches and somewhat pretentious, but then again, aren’t all 15-year-old boys like that? ._.

And finally… Drum roll, por fa-please.

10. We’re pretty easy-going and yes, we do say “y’all” even though it’s not grammatically correct.

So come pull up a chair, and bunk with us, pard’ner.

Please? We have tasty beef and John Green’s tour coming our way. ;A;